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How to Setup Wireless Printer on Windows Vista

If you just bought a printer with wireless capability and still using cable to print because you think that setting up a wireless printer is a complicated task, then you are missing a lot. Being able to print anywhere in your home without the need to carry or move the printer around is a great flexibility and convenience you get from wireless technology. This is especially true if you are using a laptop computer which generally is about portability. This article will show you how to setup a wireless printer in an existing wireless network. (Printer used is HP J4680 All-in-One)

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Шаг 1 Printer setup

  • Wi-fi or wireless enabled printer
  • Laptop computer
  • Wireless Router

Make sure the printer is ON as well as the wireless radio button. On the printer control panel, press the setup button to access the menu. Go to Wireless Menu and press OK. Press the arrow to go to Setup Wizard and press OK so the printer will automatically search for wireless networks in range. If your neighbors have wireless networks, it will be listed as well. So choose the name of your wireless network (SSID) and press OK. If your network has WEP/WPA security key, you will be asked to enter it. Use the alphanumeric keypad to enter the keys. After the printer confirms the connection, you are half-way done. If there is error message, make sure that the network name and security keys are correct.

Basically, this step is all about acquiring IP Address for your wireless printer from your wireless router to become part of the network.

Шаг 2 If step 1 is successfully completed - check connection

If step 1 is successfully completed, your wireless printer should now have its own IP Address. To check, go to Control Panel then Hardware & Sound then click Add Printer. Choose "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer" and click Next. If you see the wireless printer and its corresponding IP Address from the list, then its good to go. Another way to check is to open a command prompt and enter "ping" followed by space and type the IP Address and hit Enter. If there is Reply, it means that the printer is now connected to the network.

SSID or Service Set Identifier is the name of your wireless network. WEP/WPA key is the passphrase or passkey that is used to access the wireless network. Both of these information is required when you first try to access the internet. Contact your ISP provider or network admin if you do not know these info.
Steel cabinet, walls, microwave ovens, or cordless phones interferes with your wi-fi signal so make sure you put your printer away from these if you're experiencing low signal strength.
Wi-fi or wireless enabled printer
Laptop computer
Wireless Router



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