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How to Cite a Movie Using MLA Style

Movies and documentaries are valuable and valid sources of information that you can use as reference materials for research papers and long-term investigative projects. Movies and documentaries can help you get a feel for time periods and atmosphere in a given span of time as well as making some types of research and science far easier to understand than when you are just reading it in a textbook. It is important to cite these resources just as you would a reference book or scholarly article so that you give credit to the creative and scientific efforts that went into the creation of a piece of film. MLA style is one of the easiest formats to use for this, as MLA uses a very standard format for all types of citations and is simple to apply even to atypical sources. Read on to learn how to cite a movie using MLA style.

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  • Title
  • Director's name
  • Film studio or producer

Start out with the name of the director. List the name in the order last name, first name, middle initial. If the director or the method of direction is not referred to directly in your paper, then you will list the director's name after the title of the movie in the form "Dir. Lindsey Jane." However, usually you will list the director's name first, as in "Jane, Lindsey."

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Follow with the title of the film and the period. This should be underlined. If your word processor will not support this type of formatting, then use underscore symbols to indicate that the title should be underlined. For example, if the name of the movie is "Planet of the T-Rex," then your citation should now read: Jane, Lindsey. _Planet of the T-Rex_.

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List any important actors. Generally, you can skip this part. However, if the way an actor portrayed a character or the actor's life has some bearing on your research, then you should list these important contributors. If you do choose to list actors by name, use this format: "Perf. Kinsley Dickens," so that your citation would appear, thus far, as: Jane, Lindsey. _Planet of the T-Rex_. Perf. Kinsley Dickens.

Plagiarism can end your academic career and sully your professional reputation permanently--even if you are cleared of the charges. Be very careful to cite all sources of information, even if you do not quote them directly.
Director's name
Film studio or producer



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