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How to Upload Photos on Facebook

While Facebook may be the most popular social networking site in recent years, its functionality can sometimes be tricky. The site helps you to make and connect with contacts, associates as well activity partners. Millions of Facebook users from across the world has a great time connecting with their friends through this site. You can put you notes and share your favorite photographs with contacts and associates on Facebook. For that you need to upload your photos on Facebook. for uploading your photos you need to create a photo album. You can store up to 200 photos per album. There are multiple ways to use the photo upload feature on Facebook.

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Шаг 1

  • A computer.
  • An Internet connection.

Go to www.facebook.com and log on with your Facebook user name and password. Then select the "Photos" link from the left navigation bar.

Шаг 2

Click the "My Photos" link at the top of the page and then select "Create a Photo Album" under the "My Photos" header on the next page.

Шаг 3

Add the required album information such as the album name and privacy settings and click "Create Album."

Шаг 4

Navigate the site. You will be taken to a window where you'll be able to look through the photos on your computer (at left) and select the photos you'd like to upload by clicking on a check box next to the picture and choosing "Upload."

If you have a Mac and currently use a version of i-Photo that meets the proper installation requirements, you also have the option to upload your photos through the Facebook Exporter software. Simply click the "Check out the Facebook Exporter for iPhoto" link, download the application and follow the installation and usage instructions on the download page.
A computer.
An Internet connection.



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